Tim and Abi are not your typical band. They’re better.

They transcend categories and styles–seamlessly incorporating timeless folk music, contemporary cover songs, original compositions, blues tunes, spirituals, and American classics into their cool and very appealing performances.

These two were born to make music. How fortunate for us that they found each other in a marriage of beautiful songs and harmonies that flow from their wise and kind spirits.

But there’s more. Tim and Abi are intelligent, classically trained musicians with a depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and experience. They’re continuously using these tools to create innovative performances that exactly suit the occasion. Their instrumentation includes skillfully played acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, string bass, violin, and percussion.

We’ve booked this duo for large and small fundraisers and receptions. While the Ziegers provided perfectly pitched background music, guests at every event have been drawn by the Ziegers’ engaging sounds to gather around the performance area. Committed to promoting a culture of group singing, the pair has welcomed guests to sing along and has even invited singers to stand behind the microphones with them. Such is the warmth of their personalities and performances.

The best recommendation we can provide is that the uniform response of our guests to the end of the Ziegers’ performances is always the same: “I wish they could keep on playing.”

-Jenny B.


Just a note to thank you again for the fabulous, entertaining job you did for our Bunny Breakfast. You really had things hopping (sorry couldn’t resist). You both are so talented and truly gifted from within as well.

-Lisa K


Tim and Abigail Zieger played and sang for our wedding. One of their selections was written by Tim and was quite beautiful.  Their voices sounded lovely together and they compliment each other well instrumentally as well.  When I walked down the aisle, Tim also played euphonium for a lovely classical piece and it was perfect. It may sound like a strange choice but the mellow grandeur filled the space beautifully! They were also so kind and helpful and completely understanding of how wedding days can be!  A perfect choice for musicians.

-Sarah M.

This event was one of the highest quality programs we’ve ever had here.

(Spoken of our “Meet the Orchestra” community educational program.)

-Erica R., Cultural Programming Director at the Dietrich Theater.

Just wanted to let others know how delightful it was listening to Abi and Tim play and sing for the 2nd FRIDAY ARTWALK @ CLOE N COMPNY SHOPPE …. Their music not only gave us our entertainment that evening but brought peace to our hearts and awakened our souls ….. What melodious tunes from this dynamic husband and wife duo ….. We highly recommend them for your next event ….. Thank You so Much !!
-Donna Czarkowski, Proprietor @ CLOE & Company
Thank you so very much for the beautiful amazing music you provided for Caroline and Connor’s wedding! I loved every part of it! We so appreciate your talents and the time you spent with us!
-Livia G.