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Greetings! We are so glad you’re here!

While this may be our first official blog entry on this website, we already know many of you and have been honored to make music with you and/or your kids over the years.

We recently grew our own family. Our fourth child was born in November of 2018, and we are just smitten with her. As is to be expected, however, we have had to make adjustments to our work schedules to be present with and available for our kids.

Due to some of these changes, our lesson and gig availability is somewhat limited during this delightful stage of life. However, we have been using some of the cracks in our day to work on a fun behind-the-scenes project.

We are working on creating videos and additional resources that help to provide music education for all ages. While we have big ideas and plans, we are starting at the beginning: using drawing to bring life to simple folk and original songs for our youngest listeners.

So, we welcome you to listen to one of our earliest videos. Be gentle on our drawing skills, and enjoy the thing for what it is: a fun introduction to a classic folk song. Share it with your children and your friends. And, be sure to check back in regularly for updates. We’ve got a lot more coming!